Memorial Day?

We say that Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer.

We had already gotten into the summer spirit when I was a kid. Our baseball gloves were well oiled; our baseball bats were taped and ready for swinging for the fences in PS 125, where we played softball.

Sometimes we would sneak in a catch between lunch and returning to class at Blessed Sacrament School. It was always hot by the afternoon regardless of whether the windows were wide opened and the shades fully drawn to permit the modest breezes’ entry.

I remember always being thirsty at these times and staring at the vase on the bookcase next to my seat filled with flowers and water wondering if it would be ok to drink that water. Such was my thirst.

But then our teacher, Sister Margaret sensing our condition, would allow us to get a drink of water from the fountain outside our classroom. Ah, relief at last.

We had the summer spirit and eagerly scratched off the days in our mental calendar, marking our progress to summer vacation. Was there anything better than summer vacation?

Finally, the last day of school arrived, and then summer began.

It didn’t begin on Memorial Day.

It didn’t begin on the Summer Solstice.

It began on the last day of school.

Sadly, the children of Uvalde, Texas, will not experience the joy of the last day of school.

Far too many will never return to school again.

Far too many families will be reminded of their terrible loss every day of their lives, especially every time the last day of school approaches.

I have tried to be non-political on my blog for quite a while. I sought to be entertaining rather than confrontational. But yet another mass murder of our innocents has provoked my silence to be eschewed, and I will write what I feel.

I advise you to quit reading this and delete it from your browser if my attack on the WRONG will offend you.

Ted Cruz, the senator from Texas, is the leader of the WRONG.

His solution to ending school violence is to eliminate doors. And put guns on campus.

As I type, it appears that the guns on campus that this school had apparently waited for others to show before they confronted the assassin. But all the facts have not been learned or revealed.

Back in 2017, on the day after the Parkland massacre of our innocents, I was volunteering at a cancer organization. It was my first day doing so, and I was stuffing envelopes with another senior citizen, a woman.

In the course of completing our task, I merely observed that what happened yesterday in Parkland was a tragedy.

Her reply, I’ll never forget it because it sent shivers up my spine. “I just worry about the Second Amendment.”

The WRONG has been telling us for years that the Second Amendment guarantees that every American has the right to own automatic weapons with no restrictions. So, an 18-year-old can purchase two guns that each are 40 percent more deadly than the rifles carried by our soldiers in Viet Nam.

40 percent more lethal!

I get that the WRONG didn’t like that a black family inhabited the White House.

I know they couldn’t tolerate a woman living there as anything other than First Lady.

I get they don’t support any social programs that bailout individuals over banks and automakers.

But can the WRONG be so wrong about guns?

I guess we know they can.

It’s despicable that a PAC and its donors have that much control over Senators so that they ignore the cries of children and parents. We don’t want to politicize this tragic event, the WRONG proclaims even as they attack others for voicing their pleas for common-sense gun control and show up at the NRA convention three hundred miles away from the blood-stained classrooms of Uvalde.

Memorial Day used to be called Decoration Day and was initiated by several states that encouraged the decorating of cemeteries where our fallen heroes were laid to rest.

It then became Memorial Day, and we now celebrate and remember the sacrifice that our veterans have made for our freedom and way of life.

I don’t think their children should be put in harm’s way to protect the right of gun owners to own their guns.

The Democrats don’t have the stones to demand a ban on all guns. They are willing to compromise on banning some guns or at least restricting their ready availability. Sure, we’ll let you have your weapons of mass destruction, but you will have to submit to a background check.

But the WRONG won’t even accept that.

It’s a bit ironic that only last week, W made a gaff about illegally invading a country. He meant to say Ukraine but said Iraq.

W was looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction in Baghdad when they were in Texas all along.

When will the WRONG get it right?

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