Rants Ravings And The Occasional Pithy Observation

Another weekend has come, and so much has happened since I last shared a post…none of which I will write about today.

I continue to hope to amuse rather than hope to persuade.

There are so many persuasive opportunities, fake or true that you don’t need to rely on me.

I have stayed away from Twitter for over two weeks, just as I have avoided Facebook.

I still go on Facebook to check in with family pages from time to time, but I rarely look at anything else. My posts on The Newell Posts are automatically shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

I also have a site on Ning that I rarely use, but I may be sending an invitation out to friends and family as a Facebook alternative.

But my active social media days are few and maybe coming to an end. It’s just evolving that way.

Nevertheless, I continue with the blog, if only for myself.

I was looking at Apple Watches today and will probably buy one. The technology is impressive, especially regarding health issues. You can see your blood oxygen level, and cardio information, and if you fall and don’t swipe your watch, a 911 call gets made on your behalf.

When I first started writing this blog nearly ten years ago, such things never were a concern, but here I am nearing 72 in 22 and fifty years out of college, and suddenly, falling is a big deal and something to worry about. And I don’t even drink that much anymore.

So, here I am, a budding septuagenarian, retired, living in Florida, flying back and forth to New York to see our children and grandson, worried about my blood oxygen levels and EKG and falling, and making sure I am taking all my medications at the day and time prescribed by my medical team and enduring all the side effects of each and damn happy about all of it.

So, in the immortal words of Alfred E. Newman, “What Me Worry?”

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4 Responses to Rants Ravings And The Occasional Pithy Observation

  1. Pj says:

    You can use it to answer and talk, if your IPhone is in the vicinity! Just like Dick Tracy’s “Two Way Wrist Radio”!

  2. Jimmy, my sentiments exactly. On all counts. We carry on. We live to fight another day.

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