These Are The Good Old Days…Really!


Back in 1971, Carly Simon refrained that “These are the good old days.”

She wasn’t wrong.

Instead of pining over a time long ago when life was so much better than it is now, we were reminded that today is even better than yesterday.

Ironically, I look back to the year that Anticipation (the source of Ms. Simon’s lesson for today ) as a time worthy of nostalgia. It was the year I met Eileen, which took me on a journey and the main reason that today, in the midst of political mayhem and a pandemic, these really are my good old days.

I constantly lecture my family about things from my past. I frequently begin conversations, “I remember…”. But the best part of those old stories from another century is that I am telling them to the people I love today.

Many of us hear a song from the 60s or even the 50s and can remember where we were and what we were doing when we heard that particular song. We love the memory but have no desire to give up our present to return to that past. 

No matter how sweet and dear that memory was, it hid the truth, and we know that.

The past contained much of what causes us grief today, including bad politics, war, a struggling economy, a nation divided on many issues. Yet, as bad as these particular good old days may have been, our minds weed out the pain and enhance the glorious times we had back in the day.

We can do that for our current good old days simply by reminding ourselves that we live in a wondrous time with wondrous people who are the joy of our lives and the source of memories that we will save forever.

Of course, to do this, we have to shut off our cable TV news shows.

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2 Responses to These Are The Good Old Days…Really!

  1. Lou Fabrizio says:

    Spot on, Jimmy! Keep em coming!

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