It’s been quite a while since I last bothered you with an entry to the Newell Post.

There are a few reasons for my absence, not the least of which is my grandson, EJ, with whom I have spent six weeks of my vacation from writing.

Other reasons include election and insurrection fatigue and just wanting to get on with life.

But now I am back in Florida with a new Mac. Another reason for my missing in in-action was that my eleven-year-old Mac decided it had had enough, and its replacement just arrived on my doorstep courtesy of the good people at Apple and UPS.

So, here goes.

I only wish there was Rustoleum for delinquent bloggers.

Having been twice vaccinated, it was nice to travel to New York to see my children. It was well over a year since we’ve had the pleasure of their company. Thank God for Zoom and FaceTime and, might I add, Science in general.

Well, I was up in the Bronx when the Yankees played their first game of spring training, so it was fitting that I would be back in Florida when the Yankees opened the season in the Bronx.

Timing was never my forte.

But, still, it’s been great to watch baseball once again.

Then there is The Jets.

There have been worse franchises in sports, and it’s hard to remember that we were deemed a competitive team a short eleven years ago. But a few coshes and general managers later, we are once again rebuilding.
It’s not easy being a Jet fan which is why being a Yankee fan is the requisite anti-body to Jet dystopia.

The Yankees don’t have to win a World Series every year, but they do come close and have been putting more wins in the column than losses for over 27 years. That’s enough to keep fans (regular fans) happy and eager to watch their games.

The Jets, on the other hand, have not had a winning season in five years.

I don’t ask for much, but more wins than losses would be nice.

The Rule of Thumb that I subscribe to marks a good season for the Jets as to whether we are in the playoff hunt at Thanksgiving.

Lately, we haven’t made it to Columbus Day.

I am rustier than I had imagined, or maybe I am just uninspired as yet, but I will get my writing mojo back.

Just be patient.

That’s funny. Suggesting patience after 2020?

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2 Responses to Hiatus

  1. I have two words for you: Sam Darnold. WTF?

    • section6rowh says:

      I have been a Jet fan since 1965, and I am so tired of the inability of this franchise to do anything right. Had they traded this pick, they could have gotten a haul of picks…probably from Carolina! They could have built a quality team around Sam, and he would have thrived. Instead, Douglas opted to give himself three more years to use this kid to re-build a team that re-builds more than the Cross Bronx Expressway.
      Sad and Pathetic in Bradenton.

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