What To Do?

Go to Church?

Well, the sex scandals by Catholic priests took the pressure to attend mass away. Then, there is COVID 19. The desire to sit in a crowded church with people sneezing into their hands and then want to exchange the handshake of peace no longer has any appeal to me for some reason.

Watch baseball?

Well, I may be a sore loser, but once the Yankees are out of the playoffs, I no longer have any interest in baseball save looking forward to spring training.

Watch football?

I am a Jet fan. So, you know.

Big family get-togethers in front of a nice roaring fire?

First, I am in Florida, so we only have to sit outside to feel the heat of a fire. Then, I am in Florida, and my kids are in New York and Arizona.

And, even if they were here, we probably would be social distancing…I am only writing that to be socially responsible. My kids, and their dogs, would be fully ensconced in watching football or a favorite movie of ours. The dogs? Well, they were never any good at social distancing, especially in our bed.

So, here I am annoying you by writing on a Sunday afternoon.

But, despite being a Jet fan, I will go now and watch some football. I am wearing my Sam Darnold jersey while he is still a Jet, and while I am still a Jet fan.

Wherever you are, I wish you a happy and healthy Sunday afternoon with the people you love and who love you.

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