Okay Can We Agree COVID Is Not A Hoax?

If over 200,000 Americans dying of COVID-19 was not enough to prove that the pandemic is not a hoax, perhaps the President and a few of his entourage coming down with it can convince Trump’s camp that COVID is real and it’s a killer.

There is much speculation as to the President’s condition as there seems, as has often been the case with this administration, that doublespeak and inconsistency subvert truth and candor.

While HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) privacy and security regulations protect a patient’s health records from public scrutiny, our President’s health is a vital national interest that should take precedent over privacy concerns.

The President has come into contact with many staff, supporters, and donors, perhaps during a time when he was already infected. It is imperative that all these people be notified and quarantined and tested if warranted.

Even though the President has gotten infected with COVID after six months of mocking mask wearers, he must come out and address the nation and order us to wear masks to prevent the second wave of the virus.

It is estimated that nearly 3,000 people a day will be dying of COVID in December.

Trump lied to us all these months, but he can show remorse by wearing the mask and urging all Americans to do the same.


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