Bugging Out

Alright, enough is enough. Since March, we have been washing our hands, hiding behind masks when we have the nerve to venture out of our homes, and having no sports to watch except re-runs.

I’m officially Bugging Out!

That’s not to say that I am getting in the car and heading to the nearest tiki bar. I am actually more afraid than ever. In March, we didn’t know too much about Corona, and we only saw the devastating news from New York. It had not hit the rest of the country as hard, so it was easy to assume that it was the density of New York’s population that provided fuel for the COVID fire.

But now, as Arizona, Florida, and Texas are exploding with the virus, new worries bombard us daily. At what is more shocking, California, which was rightly praised for flattening the curve even before the curve got going, has not spiked as high as the other states mentioned.

We are exactly six months from Christmas, and we better get ready for shopping online even more than we have been. The gift wrapping industry will undoubtedly take a hit as the smart way to use Amazon is to shop and let them send the gift directly to the beneficiary of your Christmas yuletide blessings.

I know it’s odd to be writing about Christmas on Juen 25th, but it is so freakin hot in Florida that just thinking about Christmas and snow and Charlie Brown ice skating with Lucy chills my sweating heart.

Every night we seem to see people on the news proclaiming that mandating the wearing of masks is tyranny! Tyranny, I tell you! They sound very much like the anti-vaxxers who resist having their children immunized. You know that if we are so fortunate to have an effective and safe vaccine shortly that these crackpots will refuse to comply with any public health mandate to immunize.

The whole point of wearing a mask and getting vaccinated is to protect others as much as to protect you. It seems to me that wearing a mask especially is not a big deal to ensure that the virus is not spread through your community.

Think about the sacrifices that people had to endure during World War II. Food was rationed as well as gasoline, and people were happy to contribute to the war effort or at least were smart enough not to complain while US troops were in harm’s way defending them.

I guess we’re all bugging out just a bit.

Be well, stay strong, stay safe.

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