If It Wasn’t For My Pill Box, I wouldn’t Know What Day Of The Week It Was.

Look, I’ve tried to keep a positive outlick during this corona mayhem. I have taken to practice social distancing from listening to cable news, except when Governor Cuomo is on. I’ve gotten used to trying to keep myself amused by writing blogs if only for my own sanity. I have even tried to smile, although, as you may know, no one has to teach me to be nice!

Anyway, a few chinks in my armor are beginning to breakthrough.

I’m starting to have nightmares about running out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

I have more food in my freezer than they had on the Titanic (which I realize is not the metaphor I was looking for).

I am trying to put a Coronavirus PlayList together but have only come up with a couple of songs, Another Day In Paradise and Ave Maria.

It just seems that one day flows into the other. There is very little difference between Monday and Friday. The weekend has no meaning whatsoever.

There’s no baseball.

There was no March Madness.

It doesn’t seem likely that there will be hockey or basketball playoffs.

There isn’t even NASCAR! Although I did watch a video-game-like version of NASCAR last  Sunday and how pathetic is that?

It’s not that I am complaining, I’m merely voicing,  or in this case, writing, what so many people around the world are experiencing.

I should be planning my trip to London and Ireland, which would be happening one month from tomorrow. Instead, I will resort to watching YouTube for all the places we would be visiting in a coronoa-free world.

I am purposely ignoring the real suffering brought on by this terrible disease. My goal here is to make a few of you smile in the face of a terrible time.

God bless all of those who do so much to protect us and keep us healthy and to keep us safe.

Please stay safe.


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