Accentuate The Positive

The genius of America has been its “CAN DO” attitude. When JFK challenged us to put a man on the moon by the end of the  60s, there were some who shook their head and thought he was overreaching.

But, except for the lunatic doubters (a similar group to the anti-vaxers), most believed in Kennedy’s vision.

Today, in the middle of the pandemic, we have to remember that challenge and the other challenges in our history that made our nation what it is.

We will have a vaccine or treatment for this virus.

Sadly, it will come too late for many, but it will come.

We will return to complaining about our commute or about the high cost of gasoline, and the aisles at COSTCO will be abundant in their supply of toilet paper of many different qualities and plies.

We will continue to wash our hands regularly because, really, shouldn’t we have been doing that before all this started?

We will complain about our sports teams.

We will return to attending games and concerts and seeing movies on a really big screen while eating popcorn that couldn’t possibly be good for you.

I know this sounds a little like Of Mice And Men when Lenny was promised he would see the rabbits anytime soon now but life as we knew it will return.

Till then, we have to stay inside and enjoy each other’s company.

Stay in touch with friends utilizing the technology at our disposal. Texts, emails, Facetime.

Play games with the people you are sheltering with.

Write a damn blog for crying out loud!

Go to your music library and put a Corona Playlist together.

Stream good movies and re-read a favorite book. (Time for another read of Catch 22?)

Stop watching the news after a fifteen-minute update.

Try feeling grateful and maybe say a prayer or two.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for the moment. But I’ll be back.

Be well. Stay safe.


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