Age Of Compassion

It would be a foul thing altogether if the Covid virus only served to sicken and kill us. Let us hope that a side effect of this dreaded virus is that we all will resolve to forget about our differences much as Covid seems to.

We are all in this together, subject to the same effects of this disease. We are all frightened because we don’t know what the endgame looks like. The one thing I think is for certain is that we will not escape its effects unchanged.

Let us hope the change is for the better.

My faith tells me it will be.

Where we all have complained about the cost of healthcare, we now worry that our healthcare providers will stay well and have what they need to cure us.

Where we have all complained about the cost of food and going out to restaurants, maybe we will grow to savor those experiences and to applaud those who provide their service to us.

Despite the call for social distancing, I never talked to so many people (at a safe distance) commenting on our plight but with a joyful tone and sharing a smile and stay safe wishes.

A reminder, social distancing can be overcome by technology. Use your phone and computer to reach out to friends, old and new. Keep in touch with family by sending those annoying texts that we all love.

Cherish the people in your life and keep washing your hands while acknowledging that you are helping them stay safe.

Peace and love were words Baby Boomers used back in the day, and we need to say that today more than ever.

Peace and Love and share the joy while you show compassion and concern.

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