Stuck Inside Of Bradenton With The Corona Blues Again

Ok, I think I have been on Coronavirus Information Overload for a month. Well, I have been a moderate germaphobe but not OCD about it. When the flood of information started overwhelming us, we were given some guidelines.

Basically, the bulk of our population would be able to weather this outbreak without fear or worry. It is very contagious but does not to be life-threatening to most people.

However, there are some who are at high risk and should avoid anyone who has contracted the virus.

The high-risk groups are: the elderly (Check); people who have a chronic medical condition including cancer (Check); and people with a compromised immune system (Check). The trifecta.

In the immortal words of Alfred E. Neuman, “What… me worry?”

Here are some helpful and healthful hints that I have included in my Coronavirus survival strategy.

I only watch the news for two or three five minute updates.

I ignore posts on Facebook and Twitter that are not helpful to my psyche.

I read the newspaper but spend more time doing the crossword puzzle.

I listen to the mass at St. Patrick’s on SiriusXM radio.

Quite honestly, that is as much as I can accomplish because the rest of the time I am washing my hands.

Look, I am doing my best, as I am sure you are to get through this, but I really do believe a positive attitude is the best vaccine that we can administer. Getting bummed out and worrying about all the uncertainties about this disease will serve no useful purpose.

When I was going through chemo in 2000, and again in 2007, I tried to be positive and laughed, and watched West Wing and Yankee baseball and downplayed the ordeal, I was going through. Of course. I could have been in denial, and I know my family and friends were not fooled by my reaction.

Nevertheless, I did survive.

I am confident that I will survive this too.

And I pray to God that all of you and all of my loved ones will be here with me.


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