A Star By Any Other Name

As we enter Christmas Week 2019 I am growing nostalgic for some of my recent ways of celebrating Christmas. On this day, for example, the Winter Solstice, I would always post a YouTube of Jethro Tull performing “Ring Out Solstice Bells.” Then, the next day, Band Aid singing, “Do They Know It’s Christmas,” would replace it.

Sadly, I no longer possess the enthusiasm to share such sentiments on Facebook knowing how that platform has been used to divide us. I no longer participate on Facebook. Similarly, Twitter has put me off for similar reasons.

However, my initial reason for getting off Twitter had to do with something I posted regarding Trump and an associate and I asked, “How long will it be before he throws him under the bus.”

Whatever algorithm Twitter employs to identify bad or hate speech I was effectively banned for using such a metaphor. But, other posters can use words I would not use to grace my blog.

So, during this week that celebrates the Day That Forever Changed The World let us endeavor to make social media social once more.

I do miss Facebook. I miss connecting with family who are spread over thousands of miles, with friends who you had lost contact with but with whom you can get reacquainted. It truly was a social media.

But then hate and ill will visited the neighborhood.

Where have you gone, Mister Rogers!

As I type this I long for a touch of Christmas past. Like the Magi, I need to follow a star and leave the clouds behind me.

If I abandon my tradition of posting those favorite seasonal songs of mine, haven’t I acquiesced to those who would destroy social media for us?

So, that is what I will do. Ring Out Those Solstice Bells!



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