Christmas Time Is Here

I was in a big box store on September 26th. I took a picture of Christmas trees and other decorations memorializing the beginning of the Christmas Season…a few weeks after Labor Day.

I was still wearing white.

Nevertheless, the early arrival of Santa and his elves does not upset me. I, like most of you, look forward to Christmas with the enthusiasm of a little kid as if I were expecting my first set of trains.

I read recently that this year, we were going to have the shortest Christmas Season, and I wondered if last year it had started before Labor Day. But what was pointed out is that Thanksgiving this year is on November 28th, thereby making the Christmas Season less than one month.

I suppose what was really mean is that we have the shortest Christmas shopping season as Black Friday is November 29th and, of course, the last day of the Christmas shopping season is December 24th.

But for me, the Christmas Season does begin on Thanksgiving and ends on January 6th, what Catholics used to call the Epiphany. It was also the day that the Magi came to see the Baby Jesus and is the Twelfth Day of Christmas made famous in that annoying song.

For SiriusXM, the Christmas season began on November 1st when they began broadcasting in earnest various Christmas themed stations. Although to be fair, they actually began with the Hallmark Christmas channel before this date to coincide with the TV channel’s Countdown to Christmas promotion.

Some don’t like the early arrival of Christmas music. I am not sure why. I like the music and have several favorites and look forward to listening to it every year. By the time New Years comes around, I can admit that I might be ready to go back to my regular music, but I still hold on and continue in good faith to Have a Holly Jolly Christmas to the bitter end of January 6th.

But, my official date for getting into the Christmas frame of mind sill is Thanksgiving. I begin with the ritual listening to the Nutcracker, which remains on while we watch Laurel and Hardy in Babes In Toyland.

I would typically end this with a Merry Christmas, but it really is too early for that.

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