Twitter Me This

I have been banned on Twitter. I am not really sure of my offense or who I offended. Perhaps it’s a Trumper Troll? When I last tried to Tweet I was advised by Twitter that I had offended someone. Apparently, the offending Tweet was a response to an NYT article to which I asked something intimating that Trump will throw “him” under the bus.

I honestly don’t remember what I was referring to except something to do with Trump and his inability to remember who his friends are.

Anyway, I am off Twitter.

Except, of course, I am not.

One of my first Twitter accounts was @BroadwayJimmy, in deference to one of my heroes, Broadway Joe. My daughter was concerned I was coming out given the reference to Broadway and well, you get the idea…not that there’s​ anything wrong with it.

So, I am guessing this post will be appearing on that Twitter account.

It will, undoubtedly, be appearing on one of my Facebook accounts, most likely Married With Cancer, as I rarely go on Facebook anymore. So sick of Zuck and the whole Russian thing, not to mention the morons who post all the bullshit that isn’t fit to print.

Sorry, what used to be fun to check every day​ is now a despicable site for people I no longer wish to see ​post.

So, as I have written in the past, social media has truly become Anti-Social Media.

Anyway, I will continue to blog if only for myself.

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