In Their Own Words

The British Open is being held in Northern Ireland. Not too many years ago, this would have been unthinkable. Nothing to do with golf of course.

Because of the sectarian violence that has scarred much of recent Irish history, it just wasn’t feasible for The North to host such an event. It took the Green Dragon of the Republic, I believe, to bring people to their senses.

I do not wish to open those wounds as that would not be helpful to me on a beautiful hot day in sunny Bradenton Florida.

Nevertheless, I wish to use the Irish issue as a metaphor for what we are facing in America today.

In addition to the intercession of the Clinton administration and the hard work of  George Mitchell, Clinton’s envoy. But one factor I believe that finally got the two sides talking was economics. The North was not benefitting from the Green Dragon.

Economics is a stronger motivating force than morality. It may be cynical to believe this but isn’t it economics that is keeping Republicans from speaking out against Trump?

Maybe economics can convince these same Republicans to speak up?

We know many farmers could not survive without migrant laborers. Crops would rot on the vine as American workers would never work as hard for low wages as the migrants. There has to be a precise economic impact study outlining an economy without immigrant, legal or otherwise, participation.

It should have examples of what the products that the middle and lower classes would have to pay for basic needs.

The same analysis should be made for other ethnic groups.

People contribute to the commerce of this nation in so many ways.

The tax laws are rigged in favor of the super-rich. Corporate welfare is acceptable but not individual welfare. The theory is that corporations will create jobs if they are encouraged to invest in their own business by favorable tax incentives.

I never understood this argument. You would think that profit was enough motivation and that making money requires that corporations invest in themselves. We tell students who borrow thousands of dollars in student loans that investing in yourself will pay off with a promising career with a substantial profit in the form of a salary. Why do corporations need anything more than their own profits to believe in themselves?

When I was selling Kool-Aid when I was ten years old, my buddy PJ and I would sell enough to pay for our initial investment. Then we would drink up the profit. Our motivation to sell Kool-Aid was so that we could drink up the profit.

No one subsidized us, well except for PJ’s mother who provided the water and sugar to make our product. We never required other financial assistance.

We operated as a real corporation, however, in that we never filed taxes.

The point is Democrats, especially The Squad, should provide, in simple terms, in words Republicans can understand, so that voters can appreciate, exactly what workers of all faiths and ethnicities contribute to our beautiful country.

NFL, MLB, NBA, and even NHL sports franchises could never afford to field a team were it not for the players and fans of our diverse country.

This President could probably issue an executive order to ban different groups from attending sports events. We have a Cowardly Lion for an Attorney General and a stacked Supreme Court who would look the other way. But then Mr. Trump would get a phone call or two from his one-percent friends to let them know precisely how much money they would lose.

Maybe we should start with sports and entertainment moguls?

That’s an easy analysis to do. Billions of dollars would be at stake and some of its tax revenue, rendering the national debt bigger and worse than ever.

FOX News would even abandon the President as they would be losing as much money as any corporation.

The list is endless. Surely there is an economist who has already started this review.

We wouldn’t need Mueller or any of the other witnesses set to testify.

Money talks louder than law, order, and morality.

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