The Amazon Primary

Perhaps even better than the invention of sliced bread has been the discovery of Amazon Prime…not Bezzo’s discovery, mine.

Not since I discovered that you could buy Lionel Trains on eBay have I been so captivated with the glories of modern technology.

On top of having access to scores of movies and old TV shows as well as old music that I had forgotten to buy when it was new music, I can also think of an old book and order it and have it delivered today…which I did yesterday, and it appeared on my doorstep this morning.

I can even order coffee in the form of K Cups for my Keurig device, which I use when I am too lazy to make a full pot of coffee in my Mocamaster.

The coffee is coming later today as my Amazon account just informed me.

There are an infinite amount of items that I can order, and usually, they will be delivered in two days. The hardest thing to master is creating my list of needs and wants that I can click on the instant gratification app on my phone.

I am even afraid of creating my summer book list. No longer committed to hoarding books, I frequent the library in Sarasota However, it is not unusual for the item of my choice to be unavailable. I know I will look once more for Brave New World and they will have some other book by Huxley but no sign of Brave New World.

Do I resist the temptation of clicking my request? I can’t promise that I won’t. It’s just there waiting for me.

Oh, if other things were so easy to access and obtain!

Pizza from the Bronx?

Summer Ale from the Blue Point Brewery in Patchogue?

My mother’s rice pudding! Oh, if they could only deliver that!

Were it possible to get these things, I would never leave the house again.





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