Open Letter To Pope Francis

It’s an essay, not a letter but I thought ‘letter’ read better as you open a letter but you don’t really open an essay.

Sorry, Pontiff, I will now get to the point.

I went to all Catholic schools, grammar, high school, undergraduate, graduate, and law school. I did take a couple of classes at Teacher’s College of Columbia University but you get what I am trying to say.

I get the Catholic thing.

I taught in Catholic schools. I believed in the Church then, and despite all the terrible, despicable you and your fellow priests have perpetrated on us, I still believe in what Jesus did and said.

We were always told that all priests were the image of Jesus. The Pope was Jesus on Earth. I don’t think the euphemism “image” was ever used for you or your predecessors.

You are supposed to be Christ on Earth.

Start acting like it.

Ask yourself, if Jesus through the gamblers and hawkers out of his Father’s temple, what would he be doing to your priests today? Do you remember reading somewhere about ‘suffer the little children…? I don’t think he meant that the children should suffer.

Kick all the bishops and cardinals off their pedestals and get a few nuns in there to help you. Trump gets rid of people all the time and they haven’t done half the shit your boys have done.

You know this is what Jesus would do. He would forgive them but he would not tolerate them and he might encourage us to visit them in prison and to make sure they were clothed and nourished. But then again, maybe He sends them straight to hell?

We had this blue wave in America, I am not sure if you are familiar with that term. To make it applicable to you, think of it as a black shirt and white collar wave. In this case, you priests would be the ones waving goodbye.

One last thing, the sanctity of the confessional should not apply to rapists and pedophiles.

Please save our church. That is why God put you in that position. Get rid of any priest who abused a child or knew someone who had and did nothing about it.

God pray for you.

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