The Trump Censure’y

There is a new enemy of the people.

Well, Trump will be telling us that shortly.

The newly elected Democratic House of Representatives will certainly keep Trump tweeting.

I do hope Nancy Pelosi is elected Speaker as she seems to tick off Republicans even more than Hillary. I am surprised you haven’t heard the “Lock ‘er up” rant when her name is mentioned.

Of course, everyone is speculating that the Dems will be up Trump’s ass like a porn star’s lawyer but I am not so sure they will have the time.

I am basing my conjecture on lessons learned watching West Wing.

To the uninitiated let me explain.

President Bartlet was elected and failed to let voters know that he had MS.

He never lied but he did fail to tell the truth which turned out to be as bad as lying.

Because of this evasion of truth, the Republican House censured him.

I don’t think there were any other lies that President Bartlet told and they censured him.

My question, will the Dems censure Trump for lying and, if so, how many times?

I mean, Trump lies a dozen times a day. If he gets censured for every lie he has ever told as President and for those he will surely continue to say, he will have no time for sending troops to ward off imagined invaders. He won’t be able to hug Putin or piss off NATO.

The only one who makes out is Melania as he won’t have time to hold her hand as they disembark Air Force One. That’s something we can all appreciate.

I think we are in for two more years of nothing getting done that would make America great. No infrastructure programs. No education bills. No real tax reform.

Buy stock in cable news and you can retire at a young age. Their ratings will be off the chart as the House issues subpoena after subpoena.

Then, of course, there is Mueller.

Now that the election is over he will continue and hopefully come to a speedy resolution. Whatever the result is we need to move on.

I don’t think we will move on, however.

We are much too divided to agree on anything. Republicans are scared to stand their ground and vote with a conscience. They will kowtow to Trump and his base base.

Republicans fear these people more than they fear the Democrats. We should too.

The base will bring us all down. It will be the death of this nation if we follow their lead.

Impeachment is not an option as the Senate decides the matter and, even if Trump is impeached, we are stuck with Pence and I don’t think we want that.

What is it that the Russians say, “May you live in interesting times”?

Oh no, the Chinese say that.




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