Simple Guide To Voting

2016 posed a significant challenge to voters. I am not quite sure why. I know many did not like Hillary and, had the Republican challenger been a traditional Republican politician, say Jeb Bush or John McCain, I can see how those who did not like Hillary would have opted for the Republican candidate.

Once, however, Trump won the nomination I couldn’t imagine him winning. Coming from New York where Trump’s face was ubiquitous, I couldn’t even bring myself to watch The Apprentice much less vote for him for President.

Trump was always obnoxious and the worst stereotype of an arrogant New Yorker. I still can’t imagine how anyone living west of the Hudson and south of Staten Island could vote for such a blowhard.

Well, they did, and I hope they are happy now.

I am guessing enough of Trump’s 2016 supporters are sufficiently sick of his vile rhetoric to jump the Republican ship and restore dignity and order to Congress. We still have Trump to deal with, but he will be a frightened mouse of a President in the face of a hostile House.

But first, the Democrats have to win.

To make it easier for you I have devised a methodology to enable you to make the correct decision.

You’ve seen the horrific things perpetrated and condoned by the supporters of an unbridled second amendment. All you have to do to make it right is to vote for the candidate that the NRA does not support.

To further assist you in this just think of the babies in Newtown and the students in Parkland. You’ll do the right thing.

Remember the torch-wielding marchers in Charlottesville? Don’t vote for anyone who supports hatred.

Think of your mother and if you are blessed with a daughter and vote for the candidate that would make them proud of you.

Get your head out of the stock market, although it did take an inopportune tumble of late. You were not put on this earth to monitor your 401K. Trust me. I don’t want to lose money, and I like the fact that Obama restored our economy when he took office and I even appreciate the fact that Trump hasn’t destroyed it…yet. Nevertheless, the recovery has not been equally distributed.

Vote for the candidate more likely to help those who don’t have a stock portfolio or a 401K.

So, there you go. I used this methodology when I voted early in Florida. I hope to God it works.

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