Not What We Expected

I thought American society turned the corner when Obama was elected.

It seems incredulous after two years of Trump that we ever elected a black man as President.

Back in 2009 when Obama took the oath of office, my three children decided to blow the day off and travel to Washington DC to witness history. It was that kind of event. And, it was one event that I didn’t even serve as the instigator. Going to Yankee games and Jet games and Ranger games, well, that is what I always pushed on them. As a former history teacher, however, I was never so proud of my children than when they told me they were going to the Inauguration.

Now, nine years later, there is no sense in going to Washington. Bad people work there. People who hate. People who talk about Jesus much as the pedophile priests do, with a sneer and the look of the devil.

We are going to elect a black governor in Florida. He inspires people much the same way that Obama did. Like Obama, Andrew Gillum’s journey will be fraught with danger and hatred. It’s already started.

A robo call has gone out to Floridians, some have said from the KKK, pantomiming a stereotype black voice. It’s goal, of course, to minimize and degrade the next governor of Florida.

I don’t know how we got here after 2009.

For how long have we heard from the right that our society was going to hell. Gay marriage, transgender rights, affirmative action, and immigrants, billions and billions of illegal immigrants.

Well, it seems that those topics are not causing our demise.

Unbelievably, our ruination comes as a result of those who always hid behind family values, God, and law and order.

Well, family values went out as soon as our president was taped paying off a porn star.

God? Don’t get me started. The Born Again Bigots are too busy throwing stones to realize God is no longer on their side.

Law and Order? How many aids and staff have to get indicted to blow the lid off of this?

The only law these people keep is the second amendment.

Forget about the other amendments, just let them keep their bazookas.

You know, I stopped writing for a long time because I didn’t want to get back on the soapbox. But I am still bombarded with the utter lunacy of the last two years. And now, they can’t even point to the economy as the stock market gave back all the gains made in 2018.

Well, go out and be sure to vote.



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