Look What They’ve Done To My Church Ma

My Catholicism has always been a source of my identity. I went to a Catholic grammar school. I went to a Catholic High School. I went to a Catholic University and then I went to a Catholic Law School.

I taught in Catholic Schools for five years and I taught CCD or Sunday School for ten years. I even served as a lector for two years.

I believed in all of the Church teachings that pertained to Christ and his teachings. I didn’t believe in all that the Church said but I believed what Christ said and did.

I believed in the Eucharist and the Ressurection and eternal life after death.

The horrific pedophile scandals have convinced me that the bishops and Popes of recent years do not believe in those things.

How could they?

How could they let sick, perverted men under the guise of the cloth to molest innocent children with the same hands that they let these sons of bitches consecrate the bread and wine into the body and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ?

How could they?

I’ll tell you.

They didn’t believe in anything they said from that pulpit of theirs.

The crisis that the Catholic Church faces is nothing to do with the billions of dollars that they will lose.

The crisis has nothing to do with the ultimate destruction of the hierarchy of the Church.

These villainous leaders, who were supposed to be Christ on earth, will be ultimately responsible for the destruction of the faith of nearly a billion Catholics.

Catholics are repulsed by their failure to suffer the little children.

Catholics are repulsed by our bishops lack of faith.

How can you expect us to believe in a life eternal when these charlatans didn’t fear meeting Christ face to face?

Who forgave their sins except for other charlatans who were more concerned with protecting the good reputation of an organization and cared nothing for protecting a child.

I always felt these bastards cared more for a fetus than a child. In reality, they cared for nothing but preserving the source of their own financial support.

I am angry and, I am sure all Catholics are angry.

The anger is justified but, unfortunately, completely useless.

Anger will not remove the suffering that the victims continue to endure.

Anger will not make this memory go away.

The Church that I knew will no longer exist. That is a good thing.

We need a New Catholic Church.

The New Catholic Church will do what Christ instructed the man who asked what he needed to do to be saved.

The New Catholic Church must sell all its possessions and give to the poor.

We don’t need men in funny hats or big rings for us to kiss.

We don’t need big cathedrals, make them museums.

We don’t need any more saints. In fact, no one who presided over this terrible period of pedophilia should be canonized. Pope John Paul II should have his sainthood revoked.

The best that can be said about him is that he fell asleep at the switch. The worst? He knew all about the tragedy and did nothing about it.

There should also be a permanent change to the liturgy of the mass.

To the Prayers of The Faithful should be added:

“For all the victims of sexual abuse at the hands of the clergy, we pray to the Lord.”

Lastly, priests and nuns should be able to marry, and nuns should be treated as equal in all aspects of religious life. Men and women should both be encouraged to serve and to live a life that is dedicated to preserving the dignity of the individual as well as the faith in our church teachings.

This second Reformation is needed so that people of faith continue to have a reason to believe.

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3 Responses to Look What They’ve Done To My Church Ma

  1. James J. Rooney says:

    well done.


  2. Pj howley says:

    Good to see ya back——I was worried you got lost wandering in the desert

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