Health Care In America

The Republican members of Congress should first try to apply the cafeteria approach to health insurance, that they are trying to sell to the American People, on the cable companies first.

I mean, why should I pay for channels that don’t interest me. Let me choose from the available channels and create my own plan. Now, that may sound great for cable TV customers but it is a terrible health insurance plan.

You know, the one thing a good con artist has to be is consistent. One of the many anti-immigrant sentiments that is espoused is that many are unlicensed and uninsured when they drive. You get into an accident with one of these people and you have no recourse to collect damages or even get you fender fixed.

You get screwed when drivers drive without insurance.

You get screwed when people go to the emergency room without health insurance.

So the first act of destroying the Administrative State is to give people the freedom to screw us all over.

You know what will happen? It’s the same thing that happens with car insurance. Those who do obtain insurance have to pay the freight for those who don’t. Insured drivers have to suffer their own monetary loss when injured and those who have health insurance will pay higher premiums to cover hospital and medical costs that have to be recouped by a failing health care finance system, not to mention higher co-pays and higher deductibles.

The real solution to he health care insurance crisis?

I want the same plan that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell has.


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