Ah The Little Faker!

I am sure that anyone who grew up in an Irish American family can relate to the title of this blog. The Little Faker in most Irish households was a baby. The Little Faker was an appellation of  love and affection, usually bestowed when the grandfather or grandmother was bouncing the little one on their knee.

Today, the Little Faker, can be best assigned to the President.

Before I go into yesterday’s news conference, let me just state that I know most of Trump’s supporters are not mean spirited xenophobes or homophobes. I am sure that many who voted for him did so out of exasperation with the Democrats in particular and Washington as a whole.

The President resonated with many people who were,frankly, tired of all the bullshit that came out of Washington. I was one of these people, although I did not vote for Trump. I would have voted for Jeb Bush or another reasonable Republican if given the chance but that was not to be.

Now, watching the President perform yesterday was very scary.

If you voted for Trump, you should be scared too.

Once the election had been won I though Trump would tone it down. For a while it seemed that he had. He met with Obama and spoke well of the meeting and the President. He even seemed to recant the “Lock Her Up” promise. But the pre-election Donald soon returned.

Executive Orders were signed and the hypocritical Democrats screamed. I mean, Obama was signing them left and further left as well as commuting the sentences of more prisoners than any President before him. He was the President and he had the right to do what he did. To cry foul at Trump doing the same thing was disingenuous.

However, it was the subject and the poorly executed nature of one EO that starts the Little Faker on his decline.

Instead of admitting that his Immigration Executive Order was not as precisely crafted as it should have been, leaving Green Card holders, for example, in a pickle, Trump blamed the Court who stayed the order. He then went on to point out that this court had more decisions overturned than any other appellate court. He was faking.

During his press conference he repeatedly chastised the press for creating fake news.

He proclaimed that all of the news about Russia was fake.

He proclaimed that Flynn, of the “Lock Her Up” chant leader fame, was fired because of what he told Vice President Pence. (For some reason Trump never explained why he didn’t set the VP straight and waited two weeks to act.)

He proclaimed that he won the election by the greatest electoral college vote margin since Reagan.

He proclaimed that the press had a lower approval rating than Congress.

He even proclaimed that drugs are cheaper than candy.


Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake


But perhaps the most bizarre moment came when the reporter, April Ryan, an African American woman, asked the President if he were going to meet with the  CBC. The President looked lost for a moment but Ms. Ryan bailed him out and stated that the CBC was the Congressional Black Caucus.

Trump, a little flustered, stated that there was supposed to be a meeting set but that he never heard anything more about it (fake) and asked Ms. Ryan if she would set the meeting up.

It was hysterical to see. It was like Seinfeld asking the Chinese mailman where the really good Chinese restaurant was. Of course in Seinfeld’s case he didn’t know that the mailman was Chinese and it was satirizing the political correctness overload that we have seen. Trump, however, was serious. I guess he doesn’t know too many black people?

We have not even endured a full month of the Trump presidency. Will he be able to deliver a new health insurance system to replace Obamacare? Will a new income tax initiative be achieved? Will the infrastructure be addressed? Will The Wall be built?

These and many similar questions are hanging out there like a big matzoh ball.







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