Sunday Morning Musings From The Sunshine State

Well, here I am, finally in Florida. Having survived the last six tumultuous months, I am just getting my Florida Face which is nothing like my NYC Subway Face.

I thought that our first week here in the Sunshine State would seem more like a vacation than a major life changing event but visiting the construction site of our new home kind of added the sense of permanency to our location. It did not come without some remorse.

Living in our EQ house for over thirty years, it was not easy closing the door to that life and setting out on a new life. We left so many friends and family members behind and, although our kids will be making their way down here for various visits and we will return to them quite often, the loss of the spontaneous drop in is a poignant reminder of just how far we have traveled. The first thing I planned was the Christmas trip for my kids and dogs.  I have to see the dogs.

But did I mention that the weather has been spectacular?

We did have a chill last night as we came out of the restaurant. The temperature dipped down to 75 degrees. Today, we expect some rain but being a full sports day with the Rangers and the NFL championship games, let it rain.

I was spared the inauguration as I had to meet with the Community Center people here in our temporary residence to go over the dos and don’t of gated community living.

We haven’t been to the beach yet as we are just getting used to our local environs and packed our beach chairs in the POD. New beach chairs are on the agenda for the coming week.

Also on the agenda is a trip to the East Coast to see my sisters and their kids. Maybe a visit to Archie’s?

Oh well, one day at a time.



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  1. Welcome to the Sunshine State !!!!

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