Lady And The Trump

Although I will admit that Donald does create riveting drama, and God knows we need it at least until the new season of NCIS starts, he makes me very uncomfortable when I now see him on TV especially with a podium in front of him. It used to be that only his hair made me uneasy but now when he starts to talk I immediately start to cringe and that is too bad.

You see I hate PC. I really do. I grow tired of microaggressions that apparently people endure if you speak of America as a melting pot or even if you say you are American. That’s one that confuses me. I know we have North America of which the United States is only one component and that Mexicans and Canadians might find offense at being excluded. But after all, we live in the United States OF AMERICA!!! It’s in our name. How can we not be Americans? What is up with that? If it offends you, TOO BAD!

So, when Donald does address some PC stuff I do like it. It’s ok to ruffle feathers. The problem is that Donald has no filter and as many of you have seen on his hit reality TV show (I don’t watch reality TV unless Gibbs is in it) he doesn’t take direction well.

He is so insensitive to the things that annoy people that he actually has pissed off FOX News. I think Hillary gets better reviews now.

Speaking of Hillary, even she has had her moment of speaking NON PC. She got in the face of the guy from Black Lives Matter. I swear this is an attempt to get Trump elected much as the radicals in 1968 got Nixon elected by Dumping Hubert Humphrey.

The best part of this is that no one is paying attention to AROD anymore.

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