Inflated Egos Deflated Balls

Jet fans hat the Patriots much in the same way Yankee fans hate the Red Sox and Met fans hate the Yankees.

For me it’s not so much of a vicious, venomous type of hatred for the players or the fans as much as it is for their coach. I won’t even use his name. I despise him so much.

One of the things that resonates with me either in a good book or television show is loyalty. I loved when in West Wing Leo tells Josh that as long as he had a job Josh would have a job. I loved in The Return of The King when Strider, after pumping up the troops to storm Mordor, he turns to his cohort and says, “For Frodo”, at which the army burst through enemy lines.

Loyalty is Man Love in action. I love loyalty in the sports arena as well.

Every Yankee fan will remember when Armando Benitez plunked Tino and the benches cleared and even Jeff Nelso and Graeme Lloyd raced in from the bull pen and got a few belts in protecting their man. Bernie then followed with a homer, no better revenge. Now, the 1998 Yankees went on to win 125 games but I always felt that moment when the entire team had Tino’s back was their defining moment as a team. Oh, by the way, Tino repaid the favor by hitting the grand slam in Game 1 of the World Series…but I digress.

Getting back to the subject at hand, the hated Patriot, the man of Inflated Ego and Deflated Balls.

It is well known by Jet fans that this man was to assume the head coaching job after his friend and mentor, Bill Parcels, stepped down. Now the year before this guy was paid an extra mil to stay on as defensive coordinator and was going to get the head coaching job. Finally the day came and Parcels was leading this SOB to the podium to introduce him as the new coach when as they were walking a note was passed to Parcels. “I just accepted the Patriot job” or something like that was on the note and the news conference entered the land of fiasco.

That is why all Jet fans hate this man and hope more than his balls get deflated.

Loyalty? Not from him. He can win this year’s Super Bowl and ten more and he will still  be a BUM to me.

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