They Read Me In ​Ukraine

One of the things I can do on The Newell Post is identifying my reading audience. I can’t identify specific individuals but I can, for example, determine the various operating systems used to view my Blog. In addition, I can see the countries in which my postings are read. Ukraine is a regular. I don’t know why.

The excerpt above was taken from an entry to the Newell Post that I wrote over four years ago.

At the time, I was intrigued that anyone in Ukraine would have found my blog interesting. Who knew?

Well, after the cyber invasion of our nation at the hands of the Russians, I guess my readers in Ukraine weren’t interested in me at all, but perhaps they were interested in my Facebook page?

I haven’t been on Facebook for some time and I am not really sure if any of my “friends” are even reading this. It’s such a shame that a form of communication that was able to keep friends and family, often living far distances apart, is now tainted by fear and uncertainty due to the Russians.

I do wish the President would build that wall. Not on our border with Mexico but a firewall to ensure  our cybersecurity.

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2 Responses to They Read Me In ​Ukraine

  1. Pj howley says:

    Relax—I am not a Robot —Relax am not I a robot—Relax —I am from HR—Be Afraid—very Afraid—

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